Solar Batteries

The energy tankof the Pv system. Different types and models are available from the typical monoblock 12V battery to huge 2V OpZS cells used in bigger instalations

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  • Monoblock Lead-Acid...
    The cheaper solution to store power. Although some models are lorry and truck battery look-alikes, their internal structure has nothing to do with an automotive battery. Specially designed for deep cycle use. ideal for the smaller solar setup.
  • Absorbant Glass Mat...
    AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) are maintenance free batteries. They were designed in the 80's for military aviation use. AGM batteries give and absorbe more electric currente than other sealed batteries. They can be used with normal charging parameters and don't need special chargers.
  • Solar Batteries
    The OpZS batteries are just about the best option battery you can purchase for a decent solar setup. They are extremely long lasting when correctly sized, charged and looked. Although the initial purchase is more expensive than monoblocks, they work out a lot cheaper on a long term.
  • Lithium Batteries

    Lithium Batteries for Solar applications and more

  • Special battery...
    Special and harder-to-find accesories to correctly maintain and control your batteries.