Gas conversion kit for suzuki v170 engine

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Suzuki V170 equipped generator or water pump can be RUNNING ON GAS, Butane or Propane with this easy to fit, DIY gas conversion kit. Switch to GAS and save over 50% in running costs!. RUN ON LPG. As petrol, this gas is very flammable, liberating great quantities of heat in their combustion, being used in household appliences as stoves, central and/or water heating etc, public transport etc. The main advantages of the LPG are: Doesn't contain lead nor sulfurate Being a gas, it helps to get a more complete better and cleaner combustion which is reflected in the reduction of 90% of particle emissions.  A bigger resistance to the self-ignition (anti knocking) than the best gasoline, as gas has 103 octanes.  The exhaust gasses are clean, therefore it reduces the environmental contamination.  Less oil consumption, lengthenig its lubricative characteristics.  A smoother operation of the engine and an appreciable reduction of the noise level.  Doing some maths.... 1 litre of LPG weighs 520 grams approx. at 15 ºC, while a liter of gasoline, weighs 720 grams... at the same pressure and temperature.  The lowest yield calculated in combustion of LPG. is around 11.000 kcal/kg. Gasoline only gets around 10.500 kcal/kg. It is important to highlight that with LPG the same yields and powers are practically acheived as those with gasoline, and if we keep in mind the much lowe price of the L.P.G., anyone understands the economic advantage of their use. PETROL CAN STILL BE USED should you run out of gas or vice versa..   (*) Can be used with natural gas, although a special membrane has to be fitted (please let us know should this be your case)
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