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Your Nr 1 Online Solar and Alternative Power Supplier.

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Everything that is related with alternative power can be found here.
Solar Power
Wind Power
Solar Batteries
Charge controllers

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  • Solar Energy

Solar Modules; from 5 to 255Wp, amorphous, mono/policristalyne and CIS modules
Solar Trackers; from 1m2 (1 panel) upto 20m2.
D.I.Y. Kits: Presized most wanted kit, which can be completely costumized, with or without trackers, windturbines, auto-starting generators... you name it.
Solar Batteries monoblock and 2V cells from 105 to 3000Ah
Solae Controllers
Inverters Chargers and Combi's; Pure and Modsinewave and IUoIU chargers
Accessories (cables, special DCV Trip swiches, plugs etc...)

  • LED Lightning

The future has come to the present. Start saving 80% on your electric bill by using Led, and SMD lightning.

  • WindTurbines

Small and medium size turbines between 200 and 8000 Wfor on and off-grid purposes from the most important manufactureres

  • Solar Cookers

Impossible to cook with just the Sun?, Sorry wrong there. Boiling water, frying a chicken, doing a soup or some chips or even bread is very possible... Use 0€ on cooking for 4 or 6.

  • Petrol & Diesel Generators

The most important makes available in all shapes and sizes with pull, electric, and/or automatized remote/AMF starters.

  • Petrol-to-Butane/Propane gas converted Generators;

With our easy to install gas conversion kit, get that baby running on gas, BUTANE or PROPANE gas.
It will work even smoother with no dirty petrol fumes and contaminating almost nothing. Petrol can still be used, but moneywise a
real 50% in fuel can be saved

  • Solar Hot Water

Probable hot water solar are the best known everywhere. Now they even have to be fitted by law in spain on new buildings. Why not? plenty of sun around here...

  • Solar Gadgets.

Things that use solar on their way...

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