Solar Charge controllers
The charge essential part of the solar installation. Its the heart of your photovoltaic system, Your battery life depends on a good controller!! Its the smaller but most important part of the solar system. Shouldn't be taken for granted.

Solar Charge controllers There are no products in this category.


  • Without Display
    Simple but not less efficient high quality, PWM (pulse width) solar charge controllers. A range of affordable charge controllers recommended for smaller systems .
  • With Display
    PWM (pulse width) charge controllers. Equipped with display for an easy readout of battery status, charge state etc.
  • MPPT
    MPPT charge controllers (Maximum Power Point Tracker) "the" charge controllers. they are top-of-the-range. As photovoltaic solar modules have different outputs depending on solar irradiation and temperature, they continuously check at what conditions the panels give the maximum power outpu and then parts at that position until new tracking is done.