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AquaReturn - Water Saving Pump


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Save Money, water and energy with the Watersaving Aquareturn pump!!

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Save energy, water and money without effort !.

Every day from the time you open a hot water tap, let it run a lot of water until it comes to the desired temperature, which, besides wasted, becomes a waste, and lost

AquaReturn is a novel small contraption that makes the water recirculates through the pipes by cold water pipe, until it comes to the appropriate minimum temperature of 37 ° C, generating significant savings of both water and energy. Only water, saving about 22 liters per person per day on average, ie 8,000 liters per person per year.


Save water effortlessly.
A single computer under the sink serves the entire bathroom.
It is easily installed without works.
It saves not only water but also much of the energy needed to heat it.
Its plug does not block the use of other electrical appliances.
You security automatically closes the hot water tap if you forget and quit open.
Developed and manufactured in Spain
A winning product
2 years warranty.
Take care of your pocket

significant savings on water bills, gas and electricity.

Collaborates with the environment. Save water, energy and CO2 emissions
Put yourself without works.
Compliant and controls highest quality.
All this without effort or loss of quality of life.

To activate the AquaReturn, you just need to open and close the tap or taps hot water from the sink where it is placed. AquaReturn have a device that automatically prevents the flow of water from the tap until it has reached the minimum temperature of 37 ° C.

Once the temperature has reached emits a small warning beep. From that moment it has hot water immediately.

How does it work? Where does the water go?

When activated the Aquareturn, cold water still present in the piping hot water is pumped to where it should be, the cold water pipe.

The AquaReturn creates a circuit, using only pipes hot and cold water, re-enter the water that had spilled back into the boiler. Such recirculated water, will increase its temperaturahasta reach the temperature of consumption.

Its placement is very simple and is placed under the sink to allow more aesthetic discretion and proximity to the electrical outlet, but having heated the whole circuit from the boiler to the bathroom and to the sink faucet, the rest of taps of sanitary bathroom also have hot water almost immediately. Also it can be placed in sinks.


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AquaReturn - Water Saving Pump

AquaReturn - Water Saving Pump

Save Money, water and energy with the Watersaving Aquareturn pump!!

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