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SunOK Suntaste Compact: The new Sun Cook


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As official importers for Spain, we are proud to announce the new Sun Cook: the Sun Taste Compact. The slightly smaller version of an enviromentallly friendly solar cooker, built with sustainable materials.

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We are the official importer for spain of this fabulous EC product.

Cook directly from the sun.
Two billion h
ouseholds depend on wood and charcoal to prepare food and the worldwide supply of wood is rapidly disappearing. The demands of massive population growth, and the inefficient conversion of wood to charcoal, have outstripped much of the world's forests ability to regenerate, creating a phenomenon known as deforestation.
The new Sun Taste Compact  is a solar box cooker that represents a design evolution for the manufacturing company, which wishes to incorporate more sustainable materials into their product line. SunOK has successfully marketed many of their Sun Cook solar box cookers, but its primary construction material is plastic, and not sustainable these days

With the new design, the company wanted to reduce production costs, accommodate a larger cooking pot (included), improve optics, and reduce potential condensation as currently happens on the "Blue" Sun Cook on the underside of the glazing surface, as well as address sustainability. Cork was decided to be a suitable new material to work with, as it has both good structural and insulating capabilities. The cooker utilizes a rear entry door instead of a top one to access the cooking chamber. 

Wood, stubble, dung, and grass are used daily in about half of the world’s households as energy for cooking and heating. In most parts of the Developing World they are burned in open fires or inefficient stoves in kitchens with little or no ventilation. 

Bio-mass smoke has many harmful effects which can cause or contribute to:

  • Acute respiratory infections
  • (Respiratory infections alone cause between four and five million deaths per year among small children.) Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer
  • Lower birth weights
  • Cataract
  • Nervous and muscular fatigue

Cook slowly (in about twice the time of normal cooking) and get rich flavoured dishes.

The new SUN Taste Compact is much appreciated by different kinds of users and used in very different situations and occasions: 

  • In tough times and relaxed ones
  • Professionals and amateurs
  • From a prestigious chef at a 5-star resort near Lisbon that takes advantage of its cooking to get the most flavor out of each ingredient to amateur gourmets that are conquered by the taste and succulence of solar food.0
  • In off grid homes or in deprived regions
  • From off grid or remote homes in developed countries to populations facing energy shortages due to desertification or forced migrations.
  • Daily or on special occasions
  • From everyday users to people enjoying some special outdoor meals with friends.
  • From retirees to children
  • From retirees longing for healthier food to children enjoying looking at cakes growing while their parents can relax due to the SUN COOK's intrinsic safety.
  • BBQ'euing or cooking an entire meal
  • From people complementing their BBQ with solar cooked potatos, rice or even a dessert, to people cooking an entire meal at once, dessert included, benefiting from the fact that flavors and smells don't get mixed.
  • Campers and fishermen
  • From campers relaxing in their RV's to enthusiastic fishermen wishing to immediately enjoy the result of their fishery.
  • Scouts and workers
  • From scouts and environmental friendly outdoor cookers to outdoor workers not willing to spend too long heating or cooking their meals.

To see the product video please follow this link


The guidelines for designing the Suntaste, a practical, effective and versatile solar oven. When used outdoors, with a clear sky, it excels on the following:
- Cooking all sorts of dishes except frying while keeping the food tasty and moisty;
- Dehydrating food, by keeping the door slightly open and the lid focused on the Sun.
While indoors, it’s also very useful for:
- Working as a retained heat oven, completing the cooking process initiated in another oven or stove (like a hay box) and sparing energy;
- Making yogurts by using its excellent insulation and keeping both lid and door closed.
All this while benefiting from many additional advantages:
- Moderate cooking temperatures keep the food’s flavors and moist resulting in delicious dishes.
- No danger of burning food means no attention is needed and users have more free time.
- Easy to carry and to store while not in use.
- No consumption of scarce resources or expensive energy.
- No harmful emissions or CO2.
- Very safe as the outside never gets hot enough to cause skin burns.
Customers who adhere to this campaign will benefit from a 30% discount on the retail price of the accessories that will be launched subsequently. Among these will be a removable side mirror that will completely avoid the need for regular refocusing towards the Sun during the most time consuming cooking.



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SunOK Suntaste Compact: The new Sun Cook

SunOK Suntaste Compact: The new Sun Cook

As official importers for Spain, we are proud to announce the new Sun Cook: the Sun Taste Compact. The slightly smaller version of an enviromentallly friendly solar cooker, built with sustainable materials.

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