Isofoton HCSP High Concentration solar panel 83Wp


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Isofoton high concentration solar panel HSCP 83W

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Isofoton's 83Wp HCPV technology obtains power energy by concentrating sunlight through an optical lenses system, onto high efficiency photovoltaic solar cells. The system enables a high electrical output from a semiconductor surface far smaller than other solar technologies. HCPV technology uses high efficiency solar cells made of III-V semiconductor materials. To achieve these results, an optical system s used and comprises two lenses. This concentrates x several hundred onto the solar cells, that transform the concentrated sunlight into electrical energy at around 39% efficiency.

High Concentration Photovoltaic technology offers important advantages over other established PV technologies:
Flexibility: Plants across a range of power capacities from 1 kWp systems up to several MWp.
Scalability: Power plant can be scaled up very easily, without having to develop new systems or procedures.
Efficiency: The temperature coefficients of the III-V cells used improve field HCPV outcomes.
Availability: Construction and commissioning times are very short, thanks to “plug & play” HCPV systems.
Environmental sustainability: It minimizes environmental impact, it allows a secondary use of land and it does not consume water.
Economy of space: It requires less land. The MW/m2 ratio is far higher than more established technologies such as mono and polycrystalline silicon (x-Si) or thin-film (CdTe, a-Si and CIGS)

Short circuit current(Isc)                        5.59A
Open Voltage Circuit (Voc)                    17V
Power                                                 83.6W
Maximum power current (Imp)               5.45A
Maxiumm power Voltage (Vmp)             15.34V

Size (LxWxH) mm                                          754 x 514 x 303.2


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Isofoton HCSP High Concentration solar panel 83Wp

Isofoton HCSP High Concentration solar panel 83Wp

Isofoton high concentration solar panel HSCP 83W

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