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Solar Venti SV14


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Heating supplement, airing and dehumidification - all in one! If your

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Heating supplement, airing and dehumidification - all in one!

If your building has problems with damp, poor ventilation, lack of heating or all of the above, then SolarVenti could be for you.
SolarVenti introduces fresh and dry air into your home, removing bad smells, mould, and mildew.
At the same time SolarVenti provides free additional heating. The air flow can be controlled at the touch of a button.

Free energy........
SolarVenti runs only on solar energy. This unique principle—using a combination of thermal and photovoltaic concepts—makes the system 100% self-contained and carbon neutral. Economical, good for your health and good for the enviroment.
Install it and forget about it! (installation is little more than drilling a hole in the wall)

A tried and tested Danish technology, developed in the 1980’s and now installed in over 24 countries. Your only expense is the one-off cost of buying and installing it. There are no electrical mains or water connections and nomaintenance is required. All components are completely non-corrosive. You are simply capitalising on the sun’s energy, - year after year.

Allowing the sun to work for you—even when you are not there!

How does it work?
A solar air panel is mounted on the wall or roof of your property. A built-in PV-cell, powers a 12V fan which is connected by a flexible tube to an air vent and an on/off switch. Whenever the sun shines, the air in the solar panel is heated and the fan, receiving power from the solar cell, introduces warm, dry air into your home at the rate of upto 120 m3/hour.
Incoming air temperature can be increased by as much as 40ºC.
Providing a substantial, free, heat supplement. It´s as simple as that!

Who would install it?
The system is easy and quick to install - taking only a few hours. You can easily do it yourself.

Product Size(outside): 1990 x 720 x 105 mm
Obtained AirFlow: 120m3/hour (tested in andalucia in winter period)

Temperature increase of air that flows through the Solarventi: 25-32 ºC

2 Year warranty


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Solar Venti SV14

Solar Venti SV14

Heating supplement, airing and dehumidification - all in one! If your